Jozelle McLea Originals

      Based in Cape Town, Jozelle McLea's aim is to bring beauty into your home and for her work to convey conversation. Her art is vibrant, full of energy and has movement, created by the many layers of acrylic paint. She is highly influenced by Mother Nature and all the beauty she gifts us with. Jozelle speaks of her works: "My art style is layered, colourful and created with lots of rhythm. Original pieces are created with mainly acrylic paint on canvas and occasionally I use spray paint, liners, pencil and oil pastel mediums in my work. Paint is layered in colour combinations that's unexpected. Lots of textures are applied to where movement is seen in my pieces." Her art is about being one with the energy of the world and being one with the light, and translating it by how she sees the universe that can not be seen with the eye, but by imagination and connection through a deeper state of mind.