Carmen Wakeford


      Carmen Wakeford is a Digital artist and lives with her husband and five dachshunds in Johannesburg, South Africa. Three years ago she replaced her paint brush with a drawing pad and stylus and began experimenting tirelessly to create modern digital artworks that would infuse colour to a space and inspire joy, and a sense of wonder. Her subject matter is ever changing as she believes this freedom of expression has led to her personal growth and development of style. She works passionately using colour, line and form to compose her modern abstracts and adopts the photomontage and digital collage techniques along with digital painting to create her eclectic, decorative figurative images which she likes to call poetic symbols of contemporary life.

      She says, ‘I have the opportunity as an artist to make the world a more beautiful place so I have made it my mission to create colourful artwork that evokes a sense of emotional harmony and inspires an intellectual response that would create a positive outcome. I am at my happiest surrounded by colour, it’s incredibly healing, and I think sharing that is greatly more valuable than expressing the opinion I carry about the state of the world.’