Introducing Our Shoppable Gallery Walls 

We’ve put together a collection of framed art prints that work impeccably well when paired together in a gallery wall. Each option intentionally mixes styles, colours and sizes to achieve a well-balanced look, as if it were curated by an art collector or interior designer. 

 Shop every piece in your preferred gallery wall, choose only a select few or use the collection as inspiration to build your own. 

Gallery Wall 1

Grounding, neutral shades and textural details come together for an understated yet impactful display. We intentional chose a mix of both softer, organic shapes and cleaner, geometric lines to create a gallery wall that feels well balanced and interesting. 


Gallery Wall 2

Bright, bold, modern. This statement gallery wall is the centrepiece of any space. It features a considered mix of mediums to create visual interest and texture, with pops of colour to draw the eye. 


Gallery Wall 3

You simply can’t go wrong with a black and white gallery wall. This thoughtful artwork combination feels modern but grounded all at the same time, and is sure to stand the test of time. 



Gallery Wall 4

An interesting mix of old and new, this gallery wall is perfectly suited to a space in need of a pop of colour. An ideal entryway or living room feature. 


Gallery Wall 5

This gallery wall is the perfect combination of some of our best selling artworks. The colour adds character and personality, and the mix of mediums adds a level of interest sure to spark thoughtful conversations.  


Gallery Wall 6

A classic combination of all things nature-inspired, featuring our best selling art print ‘The Two Sisters’. We love the calming, yet eye-catching effect this gallery wall has on all those who encounter it.